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The Future of  AI

Join us on June 21st for a stimulating panel discussion to gain valuable insight into the current state and future prospects of AI, its potential impact on society and the economy, and the ethical considerations surrounding its development and use. We are excited to be joined by disinguished experts in the field. Our panelists include:

  • Sue Hendrickson, Executive Director of the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, a renowned research center that examines the intersection of technology and society
  • Leigh Marie Braswell, Partner at Kleiner Perkins, a leading venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley
  • Markie Wagner, Founder of Delphi Labs, a company that specializes in developing AI-driven products and services.

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The Future of Clean Tech Innovations

On Tuesday, May 16th, we had the privilege of hosting a panel discussion with esteemed clean tech leaders, Yuri Horwitz of Sol Systems, Kate Henningsen of Arcadia, and Jason Dodier of GRAIN EcoSystem. This enlightening session...

Leave No One Behind

We had the distinct honor of hosting Maryland Governor Wes Moore at Avocet Tower in Bethesda. The purpose of this insightful event was to delve into Governor Moore’s dedicated efforts to enhance the state’s economy...

Effective Border Management Through Technology

On Tuesday, May 16th, we are hosting a panel discussion on the use of technology to manage the U.S. border. Panelists will provide insights on security, communication, and travel-related solutions for government agencies...

The Power of Public Markets

We are speaking to the President of The New Stock Exchange about the power of public markets.

TikTok, China & National Security

Jacob Helberg is a best-selling author, tech investor & national security scholar joining us to discuss the app TikTok and why it's such a national security.

Achieving Full EV Adoption

With Guest Albert Gore III, Executive Director of the Zero Emission Transportation Association

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