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Bootstrapping: What’s Old is New Again

Embarking on a journey from bootstrapping to expansion, founders have ridden the roller-coaster of entrepreneurship. Join us as we delve deep into the current landscape of challenges and opportunities with our dynamic panel featuring Soraya Bagheri, Heidi Nel, and Zoya Lehrer. Get ready to gain insights and strategies for navigating the ever-evolving world of innovation.

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Bootstrapping: What’s Old is New Again

With Panelists:Soraya Bagheri, Head of Legal, VP of Product Integration at PunchbowlHeidi Nel, Chief Operating Officer at New TheoryZoya Lehrer, Co-Founder & CEO of Orgo These entrepreneurial voices share their insights,...

The Rise of the American Real Estate Association

With Jason Haber, Co-founder of American Real Estate Association Jason Haber’s experience in both brokerage and investment in multifamily assets, shedding light on the pressing issues of cultural problems within the...

Building a Resilient Puerto Rico

In an insightful discussion with Charlotte Gossett, Chief Director at Hispanic Federation in Puerto Rico, we delve into the strategies and initiatives aimed at building a resilient Puerto Rico. Explore the power of community,...

We're Just Ken

Ryan Gosling knows a thing or two about being Ken, and since everyone is feeling the Kenergy this spring, here is a special April 1st edition of Coffee with Ken!

Future Caucus

Layla Zaidane is President & CEO of Future Caucus, the largest nonpartisan organization of young lawmakers in the United States. Future Caucus works with over 1,600 Millennial and Gen Z elected leaders in Congress and state...

Command Community

We are pleased to welcome Valerie Biberaj for a hybrid discussion, offering valuable insights into the Commanders' community engagement strategy under new ownership. During this session, we will also have the privilege of...